Referee Slaughtered

The match against Yeovil was a classic, the underdogs? coming from 3-1 down to take the game into extra time, then a solo run from a player out of favour clinches the match.

Unfortunately, the referee then sent him off for running into the crowd to celebrate not only the goal, but the start of his United career.

Torquay head coach Leroy Rosenior said: "We've lost two players with injuries that we can't afford with our small squad and a player sent off which will see him suspended.

"I thought Yeovil should have had two penalties, we've had Bayo sent off for - what? - and bookings for people who don't know why they've been booked.

"We wanted to have a great game of football, but it's been spoiled a bit by someone outside the game.

"But the crowd tonight recognised the spirit we've got in the club and we've won our first home game of the season - those are the positives.

"Yeovil are a good side and they will go up. We showed the spirit which will keep us in our division this year."

"It's just been an amazing night."

Glovers boss Gary Johnson, celebrating his 49th birthday, said: "I think Leroy is as upset as I am.

"I didn't think Akinfenwa deserved to be sent off.

"Major decisions in the game went against us, because somebody didn't call them right.

"Even Leroy said we should have had two penalties.

"There was two teams out there who put in a performance, and another team who didn't.

"The fourth official was trying to smother over a lot of bad decisions. It's not his fault - he was trying to calm both benches down.

"It was a great football match and it should have stayed like that.

"Torquay rode their luck and all credit to them, but when you get back from 1-3 to 3-3, you want and expect your lads to go on and win the game.

"We finished the stronger, still sprinting and running at the end, but the only player who still had legs in their team was the boy who went through and won it for them."